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As an event and LED screen hire company, we understand how crucial events are in bringing us together: to celebrate, share information, learn, and most importantly have fun! Having an event – whether corporate, community based, private or major events – brings a sense of belonging and connection. Often, we want to share messages to large scale audiences and at crowd events. But sometimes, we are unsure of what is the best way to achieve this within a set budget. Rest assured, Sydney Screen Hire eliminates these concerns. Our range of smaller to big LED screen hire allows us to work with you. We can cater to any event hire Sydney, no matter the size. 

Want more information?

Rest assured, Sydney Screen Hire is ready to help you through the LED screen rental process. With every event being special in its own way, your event needs are often unique. We get it! Because of this, we have provided a written guide about each of our LED media wall hire; these can be found in each subcategory page.

As a general guide though, our LED Screen hire range includes the following: outdoor LED screen rental, indoor LED screens, mobile LED screens, and DJ Booths with screens. Within all of these subcategories are different sizes of our LED screen backdrop. These screens also fall under different pixel pitch categories: P3.9, P5, P6, and P10.* So, if you are after a small or big LED screen hire – or even a portable display wall panel – we have your needs covered. If you have any questions about these screens, including our big screen hire prices and event hire services, contact the team! To find more information about our contact details, press here. We have a range of services and network partners for your event and party hire needs.


An important part of any event rental is understanding how to operate the audio and visual equipment hire. Knowing the operations of any piece of technology, especially an LED panel, is crucial. This is because you need to know whether it is suitable for your event. In particular, knowing the outputs and power source requirements of any LED media wall hire is important. This is because without this information, you may not be able to use the LED screen backdrop as you intended. So, below we have provided you with this information to avoid the hassle!

In terms of the outputs for our LED screen hire Sydney, there are two options: HDMI and SDI.** A HDMI cable is one of the most standard outputs in the industry. This type of av (audiovisual) output is primarily used to transfer image data. As for the SDI cable, it is best for live video reels. This av (audiovisual) output is often used by professionals in the film industry. In addition, the LED display screens require a 15 amp power source; this is a general guide as more power may be required for our large LED screen rental.  

*The pixel pitch of our screens depend on screen type and size. The pixel pitch categories outlined do not fall into every category. In short, the pixel pitch is not available in all screen sizes nor all LED screen rental categories. 

** HDMI cables are included in the advertised price for all our media wall hire. Though, the SDI cabling would need to be outsourced. We do not provide SDI cables.

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