DJ Booth LED Screen Hire

When planning your entertainment for an event, it is hard to find equipment hire that considers both looks and safety. This is why Sydney Screen Hire offers DJ Booths in our LED screen hire. Our DJ booth hire Sydney service combines the best entertaining set up with practicality. Below we have created a guide on why you should choose our event booth rentals. To enquire, head to our ‘contact us’ page. Meanwhile, scroll below to access our DJ booth LED screen hire range.

Advantages of our booths

Our DJ booth hire Sydney has a range of benefits. For your interest, we have narrowed it down to the top three reasons why event booth rentals are a great idea.


Firstly, our DJ booth hire is highly customisable. This is both in terms of the booth sizes and how the LED panel can be used. Within our DJ booth LED screen hire range, we have four sizes. Each of these booths come in a unique shape; our LED display screens either run parallel to each other or have a ‘U’ shape. Therefore, our event booth rentals gives you choice. So, we accommodate an array of DJ booth hire requirements. Adding to this, our DJ booth hire has endless display options. This is because our booths have fantastic LED display screen technology. This enables you to broadcast images, information, and text specific to your event. Even better, our screens have the option of a HD display. By having this choice, your DJ Booth hire can exactly match your theme.

Visual Entertainment

Secondly, our DJ Booth LED screens provide an added layer of entertainment. Since the booths have a LED display module, they function as a lighting show too. Because the LED display screen has high brightness, your images are easily noticed. So, not only do you get an event booth rental for your DJ, but a lighting show to accompany it. Therefore, our DJ booth hire is highly functional. This versatility ensures that you get an entertainment extravaganza.


Thirdly, our DJ Booth hire Sydney service considers safety. This is because our booths create a definitive space. By creating this space, your DJ can hide their audio visual equipment such as cords and channel controllers; this type of audio visual equipment can also be rented from event and party hire companies. As a result, this helps to prevent hazards in crowd events such as falls or trips. So, this allows your DJ to focus on entertaining your guests. In addition, this DJ booth hire ensures that your DJ’s audio visual equipment is protected from drink spillages. So, this feature ensures that our LED DJ booth hire is highly ergonomic. These features of our booths combine aesthetics and practicality all in one.

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