Indoor LED Screen Hire

Our indoor LED screen rentals is our most expansive collection yet. With nine different indoor LED screens available to hire, your options are endless. Our customers have regularly used these LED display screens for corporate events. Additionally, they are very popular display screens for exhibitions and in the event entertainment industry. For instance, our LED screen backdrop has been used for studio shoots, fashion shows, and eisteddfods. Outside of this, these indoor LED screen rentals are suitable for community events, indoor concerts, and for advertising purposes. Thus, these LED display screens have many applications indoors. They are great for intimate or crowd events.

Pixel Pitch

Before delving into what is best for your event hire, you may be wondering about pixel pitch and what it is. If this sounds like you, do not worry as we help explain it for you! Pixel pitch is a measurement of the lights or ‘dots’ on an LED display screen. Since this is usually measured in mm, the pixel pitch categories reflect how many millimetres apart an LED light is. In addition, the ‘P’ in a pixel rating stands for the point where images on LED screens are crystal clear. For example, a P5 LED display screen has LED lights that are 5mm apart. Due to this, optimal viewing is approximately 5 meters away from the screen.

Our indoor LED screen hire range falls under two different pixel pitch categories: P3.9 and P5. In terms of what best suits your needs, it depends on two elements: how the LED display screen is being used and the function space. So, if you were after an indoor LED screen rental that is for more intimate spaces, we recommend our P3.9 rated screens. Whereas our indoor LED screen hire is best suited for crowd events; since it has a P5 rating, it is ideal for further distances. In addition, we have a range of small or big screen sizes available; this is for both the P3.9 and P5 pixel categories. So, regardless of if you are after a small or large LED screen rental, we have you sorted.

More LED screen rentals

At Sydney Screen Hire, we pride ourselves on being an industry leader. Because of this, we have a variety of LED screen rentals on offer for any Sydney hire events. In addition, we offer event hire services outside of our LED screens; while we are an LED screen rental company, we also provide stage equipment hire too. As an event company, our expert team is here to help you through the entire process. We have a range of ways that you can contact us about our event services and productions: these include email and phone. Head to our ‘contact us‘ page for more details.

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