Mobile LED Screen Hire

Wondering what the difference is between our outdoor LED screens and a mobile LED screen hire?

Well, the main difference is related to the installation process and portability of our LED display screens. Outside of this, the specifications on these portable screens differ from our other LED screen rentals. To help you out, we have provided a guide on our  highly portable display wall panel. Below, we have outlined some of the reasons why our mobile LED screen rentals may suit your event needs. For information on specifications of each trailer screen, scroll below and click on the product.

Benefits of mobile LED screen hire

Our portable display wall panel is first and foremost highly mobile. With our LED panels coming on either a trailer or truck, it can be easily moved. Since it is easily transportable, it gives you choice. For instance, you can leave it in one place or you can move it across locations at the same event. This would be ideal for marathons or events that have a distinct start and finish line. In addition, the mobile LED screen allows you to move it across town too. So, if you were having the same event across a weekend, but in different locations, this screen hire is perfect. Thus, this portable screen hire is very flexible. The flexibility it provides means that this LED screen is ideal for almost any occasion.

Secondly, the portable display wall panel is easy to use. This is particularly the case if you are using it in multiple locations. This is because the portable screen allows you to use the same audio visual hire. As a result, you are operating out of the same system. This ease of use saves you time as you do not need to learn multiple operating systems. Therefore, this mobile LED screen hire creates a stress-free experience. Thus, allowing you to enjoy your event.

Lastly, this portable display wall panel saves you time. Since the LED screens are towable to a vehicle – or are on a truck – the installation process is very easy. Simply attach it to a vehicle and drive it to the desired location.* Due to this, the installation time is very minimal. When compared to installing semi-permanent LED walls, this screen hire option is a breeze. So, hiring this mobile LED screen saves you time on labour. Better yet, it is cost-effective since you save money on event hire services such as installation. Therefore, these LED trailer screens are a practical, fast screen hire option.

Needing more advice?

At Sydney Screen Hire, we have a range of communicative mediums including email, phone, and social media. We provide these mediums so that you can contact our event company anytime of the day. This ensures that you can contact us about our LED screen rentals at your convenience. Whether it is a general question or specific one, we are here to assist you. To find out how you can contact our rental event company, head to our ‘contact us’ page.

*Please ensure that the vehicle has the towing capacity to transport our trailer LED screens.

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