Outdoor LED Screen Hire

Needing a quality outdoor screen hire that is large, high quality, and is easily viewable in the sun?

At Sydney Screen Hire, our outdoor LED screen hire solves all these problems! Our specialist team has sourced some of the best quality outdoor LED screens. Our LED panels are especially designed for the outdoors; all the screens in this range are waterproof and dustproof. So, these outdoor LED screens can handle unpredictable weather. Thus, this outdoor projector screen can be used when it is raining or windy. As a result, our outdoor LED screen hire is practical. They are designed for year-round usage. Thus, they can be used in various locations such as parks, arenas, stadiums, courtyards, and more.  Even better, our outdoor LED display screens have high brightness. This ensures that each LED screen panel can adjust to the sun’s rays. Therefore, our outdoor LED screens are an appropriate screen hire option for your next event.


In addition, the specs of these LED display screens ensures they are ideal for outdoor use. All these outdoor LED screens have a pixel pitch rating of P5. This means that the LED modules are 5mm apart. Thus, the resolution of these LED panel is suited to larger, outdoor crowd events. This is because these LED display screens project clear images at a distance. In addition, these outdoor LED screens project HD images. Due to this, our LED panels have a HD display that projects onto a big screen. Even better, the wide screen viewing enables you to use the whole screen. Therefore, you get the most out of your outdoor LED screen rental.

Moreover, we have four options in our outdoor LED screen rentals. With a range of desirable specs, these display screens have various applications. For instance, they are great for larger outdoor crowd events such as concerts, festivals, or community events. They are also a great outdoor movie screen or outdoor LED tv screen hire option. In addition, these outdoor LED screens are commonly used as scoreboards and for advertising. Better yet, this LED display panel can be mounted via a truss as well, for an additional cost. So, contact Sydney Screen Hire today! For details on how to reach our event company hire team, head to our ‘contact us’ page. Meanwhile, check out our other fantastic LED screen hire products.

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