DJ Booth LED Screen Hire 4mx2mx2m


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Our DJ booth LED screen hire 4mx2mx2m is our biggest one yet! With two screens that are generous in size, you get a large LED display video; the front screen is 4m wide whereas the back one is 2m wide. In addition, the 2m height of the screens ensures that this DJ booth is noticeable. In short, the big screen size makes this DJ booth for hire a knockout. It will certainly make your audiovisual entertainment the highlight of your event. Enquire now about this 4mx2mx2m DJ booth for hire.

This DJ booth for hire is practical since it considers everyone’s safety. This is because the booths help to create a definitive space. In doing so, a boundary is created between the DJ and their guests. This will help to prevent spillages on the DJ’s audiovisual equipment. In addition, the width of this DJ booth for hire, with it being 4m, gives plenty of room to hide cords. In doing so, the DJ booth minimises trip hazards. So, this booth creates a professional look that protects your DJ’s audiovisual equipment. In short, this is beneficial to any DJ or host who needs event booth rentals. Thus, speak with Sydney Screen Hire about our DJ booth for hire.

Moreover, this DJ booth for hire ensures that your entertainment setup is bright and bold. This is due to the LED modules which have high brightness and good resolution. So, any colour that is displayed on the DJ booth for hire will look crisp and vivid. The added benefit is that you get to choose what to project on the LED display screen. In short, you can match the DJ booth to your colour scheme or theme with ease. Thus, this DJ booth rental ties your event together perfectly. To enquire about this DJ booth for hire, speak with our friendly team. Head to our contact us page for more details on how to reach us. Meanwhile, browse through our DJ booth for hire.


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