Indoor LED Screen Hire 2.56m x 1.28m


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This indoor LED screen hire 2.56m x 1.28m is perfect for your next internal event. Since the screen is not overly massive, it is great for small to medium events. So, this is a practical option for those who are coordinating indoor corporate events such as presentations and meetings. In addition, they are appropriate for award shows, fashion shows, eisteddfods, and exhibitions held inside. Thus, this is a very practical yet affordable event LED screen hire.

The benefit of a 2.56m x 1.28m screen size is how versatile this event LED screen hire is. The screen size means that it can be used in various ways. For instance, it is a perfect side screen size for large events. This is because the LED display screen is large enough to project information. However, it does not overwhelm a space. Due to this, this event LED screen hire is great as a stand alone too. In particular, it is a fantastic option for those who want an LED display screen on stage. The pixel pitch of 5mm makes it suitable to be on a stage as well; the pixel pitch enables the screen to be clearer at further distances. Even better, we have indoor stage hire too! So, we have everything you could need for an event LED screen hire. Thus, this indoor LED screen hire 2.56m x 1.28m is perfect for your next event.

Delivery and Installation

Best of all, Sydney Screen Hire can install the screens as well, for an additional cost. The benefit of our team installing the event LED screen hire is how efficient the process is. Since we have in-house production of our screens, we can install them in no time. In addition, our team has over 10 years of experience in the event hire industry. Rest assured, our team is professional and efficient at installing any event LED screen hire. To speak with us about this event LED screen hire, head to our contact us page. Meanwhile, check out our other amazing indoor LED screen hire products.


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