Indoor LED Screen Hire 2m x 2m


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If you are looking for a perfectly square LED screen hire Sydney, look no further. Our indoor LED screen hire 2m x 2m creates a uniform look all while having the latest LED technology. With specifications that are above industry standard, you cannot go wrong with this screen hire. So, our indoor LED screen hire Sydney is just what you need. Whether it is for an expo, fashion show, party, or eisteddfod, this LED display screen is ideal. Therefore, contact us today about this indoor LED screen hire 2m x 2m.

Because of the LED screen size, it is great for tighter areas. This is because this LED display screen gives you extra height! Since the height is 2m, you can achieve maximum reach in smaller areas. So, this LED screen hire Sydney is perfect for any indoor event. Even better, the square shape of this LED display screen has an even and seamless look. The LED technology ensures a seamless design because you get full usage of the screen. This is because the LED diodes fully cover the screen. So, there are no bezels between each LED panel. Thus, this LED screen hire Sydney is a quality design. 

Operating our indoor LED screen

Wondering what outputs our indoor LED screen hire Sydney is? Well, we have two outputs for our indoor LED screens: HDMI and SDI. The HDMI and SDI options ensure that various devices are compatible. These include laptops, live cameras, gaming consoles, and even some phones! Since HDMI cables are highly popular, you can purchase adapters too. So, the options for how to use our indoor LED display screens are endless. Even better, the HDMI cabling is part of our indoor LED screen hire Sydney service; as for the SDI cabling, this will need to be outsourced. In short, these outputs provide you with choice. Thus, contact Sydney Screen Hire today by heading to our contact details page. Meanwhile, check out our other indoor LED screen hire options. 


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