Indoor LED Screen Hire 3.84m x 1.92m


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This indoor LED screen rental is a quality constructed, bright screen. The specifications of this LED display screen makes this an affordable and highly desirable screen hire. With a pixel pitch of 5mm, it is ideal for viewing at larger distances. So, this would be perfect for indoor expos, information nights, award ceremonies, and for theatre shows. Thus, this indoor LED screen hire 3.84m x 1.92m has many uses. It is an ideal indoor LED screen rental for your next function. Enquire now! 

High Brightness

While it is readable from further distances, it does not compromise on screen quality. The high brightness of the screen projects bright and lively images. So, any content, no matter the design or colour, will stand out. The brightness is a feature which captures people’s attention. So, this is an effective indoor LED screen rental. Because of these features, it is great for advertising sponsors, content, and important messages. Your content will be easily read when hiring this indoor LED screen. Moreover, this indoor LED screen rental has multiple functions. Its versatility and desirable specifications make this an amazing screen hire option. Enquire now!

HD quality

In addition, the specifications of this screen hire ensures content is produced to a professional standard. All the screen panels are sized 64cm x 64m with LED technology. The HD compatibility  ensures that your images are sharp and well defined.  With this screen having high definition, your content can be projected at 720p or 1080p. So, our indoor LED screen rentals provide a first-class viewing experience. If this is what you are looking for, contact us today! Our Sydney Screen Hire team is here to help! Head to our contact us page for more details. Meanwhile, see what other indoor LED screen rentals we offer.


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