Indoor LED Screen Hire 3m x 2m


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This indoor LED screen hire 3m x 2m is a seamless design. When hiring with us, you get an LED display screen that is top-notch and affordably priced. This is because the LED technology produces bright, vivid images on the entire panel. Unlike LCD screens that have bezels, LED display panels have lights across the entire screen. Therefore, your content is projected on the entire 3m x 2m LED display screen. Due to this, your images will certainly be bold. This will draw anyone’s eyes to the screen and attract attention. Thus, our indoor LED screen for hire gets any message across. 

Since this LED display screen is 3m x 2m, it is suitable for medium sized events. This is because the screen is very wide, and relatively tall too. Therefore, you get an indoor LED screen for hire that is big and clear. This is ideal for indoor conferences, talk shows, theatre performances, and for streaming sporting events. So, this indoor LED screen for hire can even be used in pubs or clubs – they are a great way to create a fun movie night as well. Any event that has an advanced screening, this indoor LED screen for hire would be suited. Thus, if you were after a one-time hire, look no further. This indoor LED screen hire 3m x 2m is just what you need. So, enquire now!

Need a certain aspect ratio?

Needing more information about this indoor LED screen for hire, such as aspect ratios? Are you after particular indoor screen hire specifications and want to consult with someone? At Sydney Screen Hire, our team is ready to help you with your event needs. As an LED screen rental company, we are renowned for being flexible and putting our customers first. So, if you have any questions or comments, speak with our consultants. We aim to cater to your indoor LED screen hire needs. To enquire, head to our contact details page. Meanwhile, check out our other indoor LED screen hire options.


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