Indoor LED Screen Hire 4.48m x 2.56m


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If you were after a big LED screen hire for indoors, look no further. This indoor LED screen hire 4.48m x 2.56m is both large and well proportioned. While it is huge, this screen does not compromise on quality. This is because the LED technology produces good resolution and brightly lit images. So, this indoor LED screen hire 4.48m x 2.56m has everything you could need: an amazing and big LED screen hire that is suited for indoors. 

The benefit of this big LED screen hire is its applications. Since the screen has a pixel pitch of 5mm, it is designed for viewing it from far away. Because of this, this big LED screen hire has many uses indoors. For instance, it is great for large-scaled indoor concerts, national competitions, as a stage screen, or for festivals. Generally, it is great for those indoor events that have large audiences; this is especially the case where audiences are seated at a distance. So, anywhere that requires a big LED screen indoors, this is suited. In short, this big LED screen hire is perfect as a main screen for indoor events. Therefore, enquire now about this indoor LED screen hire 4.48m x 2.56m.

Installation and Delivery

As an LED screen rental company, we have a team who install the screens for you! That’s right! Our team can both deliver and install our big LED screens for you.* This will alleviate your stress as a host or event organiser. This is because our team knows the ins and outs of LED display screens; they can rise to any challenge and can help resolve any troubleshooting issues. With their years of experience, you cannot go wrong with our big LED screen hire for indoors. To contact the Sydney Screen Hire team, head to our contact us page. Meanwhile, check out our other indoor LED screen hire products.

*Cost for delivery, including installation, is additional. Pricing will vary depending on event location, installation timings, and event date.


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