Indoor LED Screen Hire 4mx2m


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Our indoor LED screen hire ensures you get the most value at affordable rates. This is because this screen size, along with the specifications, ensures our screens are of a high standard. With HD compatibility, this indoor LED screen broadcasts sharp, detailed images. So, all your messages, whether text or image, will shine on the screen. Every audience member will see your content from further and closer distances. This is because the LED technology allows for wide-viewing angles. So, this indoor LED screen hire produces simply excellent images. Thus, rent our indoor LED screen hire 4m x 2m.

In addition, the 3.9mm pixel pitch means that this screen has optimal viewing at near distances. This means that your images will be super sharp and clear at distances around 3.9 metres. Because of this, this LED display screen is appropriate for many indoor settings. For instance, it is suitable for venues such as medium-sized indoor theatres, halls, reception areas, and even function centres. Generally, this indoor LED screen hire is great for advertising and communicating to audiences. If you need to send out a quick message or instruction, this indoor LED screen hire is the way to go. Since this LED screen is 4m x 2m, you can easily capture the audience’s attention. So, speak with us about this indoor LED screen hire 4m x 2m.

Outputs for LED screen

At Sydney Screen Hire, we understand how important the operation of an LED screen is. We want you to know all our screen’s features so you are best prepared for your event. One important aspect of hiring an indoor LED screen is knowing how it operates. In particular, knowing the outputs is crucial to knowing whether your device is compatible with our screens. This is because you need to know how you can broadcast your content on the screen.

For this indoor LED screen hire, there are two outputs: HDMI and SDI.* Due to the SDI output, you can connect professional live cameras to the screens. Even better, the HDMI ensures that most laptops can connect to the screen. So, enquire now about this indoor LED screen hire 4m x 2m. To get in touch with Sydney Screen Hire, head to our contact details page. Meanwhile, have a look at our other indoor LED screen hire


*Only the HDMI cables are provided with our indoor LED screen hire. The SDI cabling needs to be outsourced.


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