Indoor LED Screen Hire 4m x 3m


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After an indoor LED screen that is tall and wide? Look no further, as Sydney Screen Hire has the solution for you. Our 4m x 3m LED display screen rental is ideal for big indoor events. They are a great display screen for advertising and entertainment. Our customers have used it for all types of events such as theatre shows, conferences, expos, and more. Our indoor LED screen hire 4m x 3m have even been used in photography studios too. So, regardless of whether it is for corporate functions, personal functions and even public ones, this screen is practical. Enquire now about this indoor LED display screen rental.  

Visibility and Brightness

The benefit of this LED display screen rental is its high brightness and visibility. Since it is equipped with LED technology, the screen is very bright. So, this is great for those who have  colourful displays to present. Even better, this LED display screen rental has wide-viewing angles. This means that anywhere you look, the LED display screen can be easily seen; rest assured, whether it is at the front or side, your content will be seen. In addition, the 3.9mm pixel pitch also enables for sharp images to be seen at shorter distances. With these specifications, everyone will have an amazing view of this indoor LED screen. As a result, your content will capture everyone’s attention. In short, where LED display screen rentals are concerned, this 4m x 3m indoor screen delivers. 


Wanting to know how your content can be broadcasted onto this indoor LED display screen rental? Well, our indoor LED screens have two output options which are HDMI and SDI. These outputs are compatible with various devices. In particular, the HDMI output means that you can connect the screen to laptops, set top boxes, computer monitors, phones, and gaming consoles. If your device does not have a HDMI output, do not worry! Just check online to see if you can purchase a HDMI adapter. Since HDMI is a standard output, there are many ways you can use this cabling. Alternatively, you can also use the SDI output too.* Moreover, enquire about this indoor LED screen hire 4m x 3m. On details about how to reach the team, head to our contact details page. Meanwhile, check out our other indoor LED display screen rental options.

*We do not provide SDI cabling with our hire. This will need to be outsourced.


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