Indoor LED Screen Hire 5.12m x 2.56m


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This indoor LED screen hire 5.12m x 2.56m certainly packs a punch. With a big screen size that is equipped with LED technology, you get a seamless design. As a result, you get full usage of the LED panel without any bezels. So, this large LED screen rental is of a high standard. The construction ensures that our indoor screens are durable, robust, and reliable. Therefore, this large LED screen rental is perfect for any indoor event. Contact Sydney Screen Hire today for your next function.

The benefit of a large LED screen rental is its return rate. With a large screen size, you can reach larger audiences. This is due to two reasons. Firstly, an LED giant screen will make your content the star of the show. This is because a big screen is an easy way to communicate important information. Due to this, this screen hire is ideal for large scaled conferences, competitions, and presentations. In addition, this makes it ideal for advertising sponsors, your brand, and even products too. Secondly, the high brightness of the screen will undoubtedly draw attention; the LED screen panel size is a great way to bring the crowd in. In short, this LED screen captures any person’s attention because it is a bright, big screen. It has the best technology on offer where large LED screen rentals are concerned. 

Installation and Delivery

As an event company that specialises in hire equipment, we understand how stressful the event day can be. This is especially the case when a giant LED screen hire is crucial for entertainment at crowd events. Because of this, we provide a delivery and installation service at an additional cost. The benefit of these event hire services is that you stress less for two reasons. Firstly, you do not have to worry about how to install or operate the large LED screen rental. By hiring our event company, we do it all for you. Our team has extensive experience and can help you operate the LED screens. Secondly, our team’s experience means that they can handle troubleshooting problems – if any problems arise. They can certainly handle any challenge that comes their way. So, our event hire services ensure that your large LED screen rental is installed in a timely, professional manner. To speak with the team about our event hire services, head to our contact details page. Meanwhile, head to our indoor LED screen hire page for our other products.


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