Mobile LED Screen Hire SSH200


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If you were after an advertising screen that produces results, look no further! Our mobile LED screen hire SSH200 is perfect for advertising. Since it is constructed as a roadside trailer, it is fantastic for any signage. For instance, it can be used at events, in construction, or for general advertising. The versatility of this mobile LED screen rental makes it highly functional. So, contact us about this mobile LED screen hire SSH200. 

As a signage trailer, this LED display screen offers versatility and flexibility for advertising your brand. This is evident in the construction of this mobile LED screen rental. Embedded in the design is security features. For instance, it has wheel chains that can be securely locked. Due to this, you can place this mobile LED screen rental in public areas. The flexibility and security this provides means they are suitable for high traffic areas such as along busy roads, carparks, and outdoor common areas. Consequently, they are also suitable for roadworks and near construction sites. This is because they are great for showing information about traffic changes, events, and more. 

Furthermore, this mobile LED screen rental considers its operator. With a control system that is wireless and 3G compatible, you can programme the screen with ease. As a result, you can safely leave the screen while operating it from home or at the office. This will no doubt save you time. It is a great way to communicate with others at impeccable speeds. So, you can give the quickest and latest updates with this mobile LED screen rental.  Even better, the wheel locking mechanism ensures that you can leave it there for a weekend or more. Thus, this mobile LED screen rental is just what you need. 

  • Display Screen Size: 2560mm x 1600mm
  • Viewing Distance: between 5m to 100m
  • Refresh Rate: greater than 1920Hz
  • Brightness: greater than 6500 nits
  • Trailer Dimensions (WxLxH): 1800mm x 2800mm x 2400mm
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As an LED screen rental company, we are committed to our customer’s event needs. So, we have a range of ways you can contact us. Whether it is via email, phone, or social media, our expert team is here to help. Speak with the Sydney Screen Hire team today! Meanwhile, head to our mobile LED screen hire page to see what other rental products are available.


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