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the advertised price is for each 2.4m long Black skirting

Our stage skirting for hire brings a cohesive look to any of our stage hire. Since we have a black stage skirt, it provides a professional, clean finish. This is because the black colour matches perfectly with our stages as the blocks are black. So, when you hire this stage skirting, your stage looks uniform no matter where the audience looks. At an affordable price, this black stage skirt is a must have where staging design is concerned. Your stage hire will look fabulous with this black stage skirt. So, enquire now with Sydney Screen Hire!


While the black stage skirt looks great, it has a practical function too. This is because the stage skirt covers everything that is under the stage. For instance, the black stage skirt shields aluminium frames, cords, and cables. As a result, this skirting ensures that all the messiness is hidden. Therefore, if you are after a stage hire that looks professional, look no further. In addition, the style of this skirting enhances the stage design. With a pleated design, this black stage skirt has flare, fun, and is unique. It adds a subtle design touch that is not overwhelming. In short, the black stage skirt creates cohesion which ensures that your entertainment is the focus. 

Ease of use

Even better, the skirting is designed to be easily used on our stages. Since the black stage skirt has a velcro fastener, it is easy to install. The benefit of this design feature is that velcro is strong. Its bonding strength means that the black stage skirt will remain attached to the stage hire for the whole event. No need to worry about any touch ups when hiring this black stage skirt. In short, this is a perfect skirting stage hire for events. It matches fantastically with any stage hire Sydney. To get in touch with us, head to our contact us page. Alternatively, check out our other stage hire products.



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