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Needing a stage hire Sydney that is portable and incredibly quick to install?

At Sydney Screen Hire, we have a stage rental that ticks all these boxes: our truck stage for hire. This truck stage hire makes the stage hire process efficient and effortless. When compared to modular stages, this truck stage hire is immensely fast. So, this truck stage hire is ideal for events with tight deadlines or schedules. Our customers have used them in the past for music festivals, cultural festivals, and school award ceremonies. They are ideal for any event that has a short turnaround time. 

How does a truck stage work?

The truck stage has a very unique design, since the stage is constructed into the truck. The stage is built onto the floor of the truck, with one wall panel creating an opening for the stage. In addition, the second wall panel and ceiling panel provide covering. Due to this, you get roof covering and covering behind the stage. So, not only do you get a stage that is highly portable, but also, a covered stage too. When considering this, this mobile stage hire is very affordable. This is because you do not have to spend extra money on getting a stage cover hire. Even better, with trusses built into the ceiling of the truck, you have a space for your lighting design. So, you can mount your audio visual equipment on the truck stage. Therefore, this truck stage is competitively priced and practical year round. 


In addition, this truck stage hire saves you money on installation too. Due to the truck’s construction, you have an easy installation that takes little time. We can simply drive the truck stage to the desired location and set it up for you! All it takes is operating the control panel on the truck stage. As a result, this truck stage hire is functional in an array of spaces; so long as the truck can be safely parked, this stage rental can be placed. In short, this mobile stage hire is a fantastic stage rental that is reasonably priced. Contact us at Sydney Screen Hire today! We have the stock and business connections to ensure that your event, party, or stage hire requirements are met. Head to our stage hire page to see more of our staging Sydney deals.


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