Mobile LED Screen Hire SSH1700


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This LED screen trailer hire is constructed specifically for large events. With a screen size covering 17 square meters, this LED display screen has ultimate coverage; the specific measurements of our screen is 5300mm x 3300mm. The screen has this coverage as the LED technology has a seamless design. So, you get full use out of your LED screen trailer hire. Best of all, the portability of this LED display screen makes your life a breeze. So, this mobile LED screen hire SSH1700 is an efficient and quality design.


The most desirable aspect of this LED display screen is how portable it is. Since it is mounted to a trailer, transporting it is effortless. This is especially important for large events such as festivals and concerts. This is because big events usually require coordination of many components such as entertainment, catering, staff, and more. By having a LED screen trailer hire, you do not have to worry about installation; the installation is as easy as driving the vehicle to where the portable LED screen will be parked. So, this LED screen trailer hire eases the pressure on any event organiser. When renting this LED screen trailer hire, you have a highly efficient and simple rental process. 


In addition, this LED screen trailer hire has desirable specifications. The mobile LED screen has a pixel pitch of P6 with SMD technology. Due to this, the screen produces clear, vivid images. The SMD construction enables this as the space between the RGB diodes are smaller; this is when compared to DIP LED light technology. Since the gap is smaller, your content will be at a higher resolution. Thus, you get a clearer screen that is viewable from far away. Furthermore, this LED screen trailer hire has various inputs such as HDMI, SDI, DVI, and composite. Even better, it has the signal support to broadcast content in HD; it is compatible with both 720p or 1080p. Thus, this LED screen trailer hire is versatile, efficient, and easy to use. To enquire with Sydney Screen Hire, head to our contact us page. Meanwhile, check out our other mobile LED screens for hire.

Other Features
  • General sound system on board: 400W
  • Trailer Dimensions (WxLxH): 2m x 7m x 2.3m
  • Adjustable Screen: can be raised up to 2.5m high and tilted to multiple angles


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