Outdoor LED Screen Hire 3.84m x 1.92m


Our outdoor LED screen rentals are designed for the outdoors. Since it is both water resistant and dust resistant, it is durable. The dustproof protection ensures that this LED display screen is functional outdoors. The dustproof feature allows it to be protected from the natural environment. Adding to this, the water resistance means that you can go ahead with your event, even if it is raining. This is because the screen will still operate under wet conditions. So, you can count on this outdoor LED screen rental to be in top condition, no matter the weather. Regardless of if it is a windy day or rainy one, our outdoor LED screens are reliable and practical. Thus, rent out this outdoor LED screen hire 3.84m x 1.92m today.

Specifications and Features

In addition, this outdoor LED screen rental has many desirable specifications. It has a P5 pixel pitch that enables it to broadcast images at a distance. As a result, this big screen hire is generous in size and is of a quality construction. The pixel quality ensures that any viewer can clearly see the LED display screen from far away. So, this is ideal for outdoor use: it is very practical in parks, properties, outdoor stadiums, carparks, and more. Thus, our outdoor LED screen hire 3.84m x 1.92m is practical in many locations.

Furthermore, the LED display screen’s brightness is adjustable too: our outdoor LED screen rental can be between 7,000-12,000 nits. Therefore, you can adjust the brightness according to the weather. For instance, 12,000 nits is a great brightness for direct sunlight. So, if you are having an event on a bright summer day, this outdoor LED screen can be easily seen. Generally, this is a great feature since you can alter the brightness for your event needs. Thereby, this ensures that you broadcast an image for optimal viewing at any time. So, this outdoor LED screen rental will no doubt produce vividly bright and clear images.  

Wanting to see more?

At Sydney Screen Hire, we have a range of outdoor LED screen rentals available to you. Further to this, we have LED display screens which are suited to indoor environments or are portable. Check out our LED screen hire page to find out more. Alternatively, contact Sydney Screen Hire for any questions or comments about this outdoor LED screen rental.


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