Outdoor LED Screen Hire 4.48m x 2.56m


Our outdoor screen hire is manufactured with a seamless design. This is because the LED technology ensures that there are no gaps between our wall panels.  Since our panels are 64cm x 64cm each, your images are fully projected on the screen. Due to this, your images are projected across the whole panel, with no bezel in between. As a result, you get the most usage out of our outdoor screen hire. The best part about this LED display screen technology is the screen’s size. Since this outdoor LED screen hire is 4.48m x 2.56m, you get a big screen. So, this outdoor screen hire is a fantastic option. Enquire now for your next event.

Because of the screen’s large size, this outdoor screen hire has many uses. For instance, it is great for concerts, festivals, sporting events, outdoor presentations, and more. The benefit of this outdoor screen hire is how it can be used for advertising too. Since it can project images or text, this outdoor screen hire effectively sends messages to large audiences. This ensures that any advertising, event announcements, or sponsors can reach your attendees. So, this outdoor screen hire helps your event run smoothly. Since you can reach many people through one screen, this LED display screen is highly functional. Thus, enquire now about this outdoor LED screen hire 4.48m x 2.56m.

Delivery and Installation

As an LED rental company, our team are experts where LED display screens are concerned. Because of this, we offer delivery and installation services. The benefit of our delivery service is that you save time. Since our team thoroughly knows our LED display screens, they can solve any problem on the day. This will no doubt eliminate your stress as a host. This is because our team knows the tricks and troubleshooting solutions for our outdoor screen hire. In addition, their experience with installing these screens means that the process is efficient and fast – simply effortless! By renting our outdoor screen hire, you can have a stress-free experience. So, contact us today about this outdoor LED screen hire 4.48m x 2.56m. Alternatively, take a look at our other outdoor screen hire options.


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