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Needing a stage hire that is able to handle the outdoors? Are you also wanting a stage for a major event outdoors that has a solid construction?

At Sydney Screen Hire, our outdoor stage for hire is the solution just for you. Our outdoor stage hire is designed to handle unpredictable weather conditions. With the stage being constructed out of wood and aluminium, this stage hire is durable and robust; the blocks are made of a wooden material whereas the frames are aluminium. In short, this outdoor stage hire is a quality construction and design. So, this is perfect for any crowd events or intimate functions outside. Our customers have used these outdoor stages at corporate events, wedding receptions, concerts, festivals, council events, and award presentations.

Our sizes and hire a stage prices

The major benefit of our outdoor stage hire is how it is customizable. We have a range of outdoor stages which are suited to both medium sized events or crowd events; the depth and width of our outdoor stages can be the following sizes: 1.2m, 2.4m, 3.6m, 4.8m, 6m, 7.2m, 8.4m, 9.6m, 10.8m, 12m. Since we have an array of sizes, our hire a stage prices differ. The cost to hire the stage will depend on the specific size you after. As a rough estimate, our blocks start from $150 excluding GST; this is for a block size of 1.2mx2.4m.

In addition, the price will also depend on the cost of delivery, which includes installation; our delivery prices depend on event timings and location. In short, our hire a stage prices are calculated on an event by event basis. So, to get an accurate price, we recommend that you contact our team today! Our friendly service team aims to provide you with an outdoor stage hire that is perfect for your event – and within the budget too. As a company that provides event hire services, we want you to have the best event possible. Thus, enquire about our outdoor stage hire.

Staging accessories

Best of all, our stage equipment hire collection is extensive. We have accessories that complement our stage hire for events. For instance, we have a black stage skirt, stage covers, and steps for stages. As a result, we have staging accessories that serve both practical and decorative purposes. In addition, if you have specific staging requirements, do not stress! We have business partners to ensure that you get the stage hire NSW you deserve. Whether it is a runway stage hire or truck stage hire packages, we have you sorted. So, contact us about our stage rentals, including our outdoor stage hire, today! We have multiple ways that you can contact us such as email or phone. Alternatively, head to our stage hire page to see more of our stage rentals. 


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