DJ Booth LED Screen Hire 3mx2mx2m


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This DJ Booth LED screen hire 3mx2mx2m makes an impact in a smaller space. With the DJ booth measurements being 3m width and 2m high, you get a lot of screen coverage. Better yet, the size also means that the LED screen does not overwhelm a space. So, this is fantastic for those who want their DJ entertainment to make an impression. This DJ booth hire Sydney is a must have where audio visual equipment is concerned. Consequently, speak with our event company staff about hiring this DJ booth. It is a sensational DJ booth for your next celebration.

LED Screen

The stand out feature of this DJ booth hire Sydney is the LED screen. Since the LED display panel is built into the DJ booth, you get full usage of the screen. This seamless design is also due to the LED technology: the LED panels have lights that are across the entire panel. Therefore, you get to project any content you like on the whole 3mx2mx2m screen. Even better, since there are two LED screens, you get double the display options; the ‘U’ framed screen at the front is 3m whereas the display screen at the back is 2m. As a result, you are able to project the same – or different – content on the DJ booth. Therefore, this DJ booth hire Sydney gives you freedom to display what you desire. Whether it is about your event, a dynamic pattern, or text, this DJ booth has multiple functions; it essentially is a DJ booth with a tv screen all in one. Enquire now with the Sydney Screen Hire team!


Best of all, this DJ booth hire Sydney is very portable. Since it is a pop up DJ booth, you can use it indoor and outdoors too, so long as there is outdoor coverage. For instance, this DJ booth can be used in function halls, reception areas, theatres, on stages, and even in marquees too. So, this DJ booth hire Sydney is flexible in where or how it can be used. In addition, our team can install and deliver this DJ booth hire.* In short, if you want to hire a DJ booth that is valuable and unique, look no further. The unique shape and versatility makes this DJ booth hire Sydney very suitable. To book this DJ booth rental, speak with our friendly and informed team. If you want to get in touch with us, head to our contact us page. Meanwhile, browse through our other LED DJ booth hire Sydney products.

*Delivery and installation is not included in the advertised price. The cost for this event hire service will depend on event timings, location, and date.


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