DJ Booth LED Screen Hire 3mx3m


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This DJ Booth LED screen hire 3mx3m makes any event fun, lively, and simply epic. Since it has LED technology with HD display, the images projected are flawless! This feature gives the host plenty of choice and customisation. This is because the LED screens can broadcast text, images, or even videos too. In short, this LED DJ booth hire provides an amazingly unique av (audiovisual) show. It is perfect for celebrating! So, regardless if it is for a party hire, corporate events, or for a private event hire, this DJ booth is ideal. Therefore, enquire now about this LED DJ booth hire. 

One standout feature of this LED DJ booth hire is its size. Since the booth comes a 3m screens, you get a wide screen. Even better, you get double the screen coverage since there are two screens; the screens are located in front of the DJ and behind the DJ’s table set-up. With the LED screen panel size being the same, you get a uniform look that creates depth. Due to this depth, you get a dynamic DJ booth that looks outstanding. In addition, you also get a seamless design; because of the LED module construction, you get the entire usage of the screen. So, this LED DJ booth is both generous and spacious. In addition, the booths screens create distinct space for your DJ. This will allow your av (audiovisual) entertainment to pop. Everyone will know where the epic-centre of the event is with this LED DJ booth hire. 

Moreover, our LED DJ booth hire looks sharp, uniform, and professional. It elevates both your DJ and your event to the next level. These DJ booths are trendy and are very popular where audiovisual equipment hire is concerned. They are ideal for those who want to create a wow factor or are after an ivy-club feel. In short, this LED DJ booth hire is modern and dynamic; it is perfect for both major events or a one big day event hire. To enquire about this LED DJ booth hire, head to our contact us page. Meanwhile, browse through our top quality DJ booth LED screen hire.


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