Mobile LED Screen Hire SSH3500


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This mobile LED screen hire SSH3500 is our most portable and versatile screen yet. With three different screens on the truck, this mobile LED screen hire gives you choice; the LED display screens are located on the back and along each side of the vehicle. For instance, you can broadcast the same content on all three screens. Alternatively, different content can be projected on all three LED display screens. In short, one major benefit of this mobile LED screen hire is how adaptable it is. So, speak with the team about this mobile LED screen hire SSH3500 today. You certainly will not be disappointed.

Benefits of screen truck rentals

Moreover, with three LED display screens, you have triple the chance of reaching more people. So, this mobile LED screen hire is perfect for maximum reach at affordable rates. It is a great way to reach high returns for your business or event. This is because you can use multiple screens at one location. In addition, you can use this mobile LED screen while on the go. This is because the truck screen has an on board generator and sound system. Due to this, our mobile LED screen hire is cost-effective and highly efficient. You save money on installation since everything is built into the truck. So, enquire about this mobile LED screen hire SSH3500. 

Quality Construction

Furthermore, this mobile LED screen hire is a quality construction. The specifications of this LED display screen is simply outstanding. The two larger side screens have P10 pixel pitch; the size of these screens are 4800mm x 2400mm. Due to this, you can reach audiences at extremely far distances. So, this mobile LED screen hire is perfect for events where people are far away, such as concerts and outdoor festivals. It is even fantastic signage for marathons and sporting events too. Even better, there is a screen that is optimal at closer distances too. The back screen has a pixel pitch of P6 and is 1920mm x 1150mm. As a result, the truck’s construction considers multiple audiences and viewing capabilities. Thus, this mobile LED screen hire can reach those who are both near it, such as in traffic, or far away. Head to our contact us page to discuss your mobile LED screen hire SSH3500. Also, check out our range of mobile LED screen hire.


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