Mobile LED Screen Hire SSH600


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This mobile LED screen hire SSH600 is constructed specifically for outdoor events. With a 5.3 square metre screen, it is a perfect size to project logos, sponsors, and broadcast live footage reel. Because of its versatility, this LED trailer screen hire has many applications. Our customers have used them for outdoor festivals, concerts, parades, fairs, sporting events, and more. Thus, this mobile LED screen hire SSH600 is perfect for your next event.

One massive benefit of this LED trailer screen hire is how it is cost-effective. This is because you save so much money on installation. The installation process of our LED trailer screens are little to none: simply hook the trailer to a vehicle and drive it to the location. Even better, we can deliver it for you too. Therefore, this LED trailer screen hire is great for any event. In particular, it is fantastic for day-long events or events that go over a weekend. This will save you money on the extra costs of early morning setups and late night teardowns. Consequently, this LED trailer screen hire is portable, functional, and cost-effective. 

Furthermore, this LED trailer screen hire produces vividly clear images. Since it has a P6 pixel pitch, it is suitable for viewing farther away. Even better, the screen has SMD technology. This technology is one of the latest innovations in LED display screens. As a result of this technology, you get a screen of higher resolution; since the RGB diodes are smaller, you get a greater quality image. So, this LED trailer screen hire projects bright, dynamic images that pop off the display screen. Enquire now!

Other Specifications
  • Screen Size: 3300mm x 1800mm
  • Trailer Size (LxWxH): 5m x 2m x 2.4m
  • AV inputs: HDMI, SDI, DVI, Composite
  • Screen can be elevated 2.5m ground and tilted to multiple angles
  • HD 720p and 1080p input signal support
Wanting to enquire

As an LED screen rental company, we understand that events have specific demands including budgets, scheduling, and more. In addition, Sydney Screen Hire knows how an event organiser’s job is very busy. Because of this, we provide many mediums you can contact us such as email and phone. This is so you can reach us at your convenience. So, head to our contact us page to discuss your mobile LED screen hire. Alternatively, head to our mobile LED screen hire page to see more portable screen hire options.


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